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Welcome to Vintage Quarter Midget .Com this is a collection of photos and memories from Don Wood and Robert Kerr. Our hope with this web site is to pass along not only current information on Quarter Midgets, body's, chassis, etc. But also vintage information which I believe shows how far we have come with the sport from a safety and competition stand point.

Robert's exposure was, for the most part, limited to the time frame of 1971 to 1978, and his driving area limited to Michigan, Northern Ohio, and Northern Indiana.

My experience started in 1954 thru 1963 as a driver and the next 2 years as Flagman and helped my dad prepare the cars for my 2 younger brothers. We raced mostly in Northern California, some in Southern California and a little in Nevada. We belonged to the Bantam Car Club located in Santa Rosa, Ca..

I hope you will enjoy the combination of both our history in these pages. I want to publicly thank Robert Kerr for creating the original web site that this site is based on. At this time if there are any question or comments please direct them to Don Wood


An old picture of a "United Racing Assoc." race for kids from 4 to 13 taken from from Hot Rod Magazine circa December 1954.

For those of you who go back into the 60s, this is a photo of a Moss breaking in a new Waterford (MI) racetrack. A larger 1/10 Mile oval was later paved around the outside of the 1/4 Midget track.

An early 60's picture provided by Douglas Schiller shows a Larc-Douglas 1/2 Midget, 4 Larc-Douglas 1/4 Midgets, a Viking Craft 1/4 Midget, and a Moss 1/2 Midget lined at An Albany, NY track.

4 year old Rachel tries out Dereks Kurtis while Derek waits to get back in the saddle. Watch for Rachel in the years to come because she has a real "Take no prisoners" attitude.

"After The Race"

This picture was taken in 1954 or 55 at our 2nd track located on the Sonoma County Fair grounds in Santa Rosa, Ca.


I invite others with photos of additional cars to submit them for inclusion in this web page. Credits will be provided with all photos submitted. Those wishing to add to the collection should generate the photo with a width of 400 to 450 pixels give or take. The format for the photos should be GIF or JPEG. Since the sport of quarter midget is in a constant state of change, with new Body styles, Chassis builders, and engines around every corner, this page is constantly under construction! Please e-mail pictures to Don Wood

Body Styles:

This page contains images of the various car styles ranging from a 1940s Racecraft to a 1996 Thunder Body.

Chassis builders:

This page contains contact information for current chassis builders, historical information on those builders from the past, and hopefully some yearly production information on the various builders.

Engine Data

This page contains some historical information on the few engines that have been allowed over the history of sanctioned Quarter Midget racing.

Former Drivers:

This page lists information on drivers who have graduated from the rank of QMA driver to "Professional" Driver status.

Action Images:
This page features various photos of accidents and mishaps on the track.
Notice to parents: The only injuries to result from the accidents displayed were a few bruised egos, and possibly a few dented wallets.

Restoration Pages

This page has vintage quarter midget that have been restored.


Rule Books

This is our firsts rule book from the Bantam Car Club

Home Fabricated Cars

Not all quarter midgets where factory built ! Back in 1954,55,56 all the car where home built, take a look I think you will find this interesting.

Vintage Ads

For those of you looking for official information from Quarter Midgets of America, Please visit the Official website of Quarter Midgets of America.
you will find various documents, notices, a national map of QMA track, and information on contacting your nearest QMA official.

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